Lil' About me

As a seasoned wood craftsman with over four decades of age. I have gained a diverse discourse skillset across various cultures and environments globally. Now I have a field of expertise that extends from construction to event organization. I have worked mostly in rural and wild regions, where versatile skills are hold valued in wide spectrum of woks needing to be done. I also derive pleasant satisfaction from creating positive impacts through my work and contributing to the development of unique spaces and events around the globe.

Beyond physical labor endeavors and lust to wander in world, I have a lifelong passion for photography, art, and design. Through that passion I have engaged in variety digital projects and even crafted some unique marketing strategies for small organizations seeking unconventional growth paths.

Currently, I am myself immersed in a decade-long brand-building journey in Layer 1 Blockhain DESO, a modern tech breakthrough which helps verifying creator's (my) authenticity over ones works, and also provides tools (such Creator Coins or distributable NFT royalties) to monetize creations and gives the possibility to reward community members who are supporting the growth of a an early business prelude.

While I do appreciate the traditional functions of both; physical and digital spaces, I am also not afraid to experiment with unconventional methods and materials to enhance spaces that might otherwise remain overlooked

Please for any questions, or co-op possibilities do contact me through

I am always open for work, co-operations of projects and crafting possibilities, as well as delivering unique digital designs on an invidual art orders. I do also possess a scale of contacts over different fields, that might provide unique possibilities for those seeking possibilities outside of centralized social media platforms.